HiDPI in Windows 10


While I can agree with most of what you are saying the simple fact is that most apps work perfectly in other DAW’s with HiDPI enabled. Namely Studio One 4, Ableton Live, Reaper, Bitwig which does suggest that it is more a Steinberg issue than an app developers one but obviously not in all cases. Bottom line I can use can use any of the DAW’s I mentioned with my VST’s, HiDPIswitched on, screen scaling at 125% or 150% without any problems I just want Steinberg to allow me to do the same.


I need 4k, I need even 8k soon for working on games/videos. It is 2020, they should be able to fix it. Otherwise I have to use Ableton/Bitwig/FL Studio to compose and then Cubase/Nuendo for mastering.

Here is an example of

and more cut off

There is a workaround to download JBRIDGE (but then the midi controls/quick controls/VST controls do not work properly), but Steinberg CAN FIX THIS AS OTHER DAWs have conquered the problem.


Here is a picture of the unusable VSTs in Nuendo/Cubase:

Shit. Tell me this ain’t true: Steinberg support finally improved compared to the past. Bought 2 UHD screens 28inch … ofcourse it’s again the mistake of third party plugin makers but Ableton live actually DOES work in UHD WITH third party plugins. This is really ridicolous: show Cubase in Retina and the plugins that don’t support it in old mode. If not possible automatically provide then a switch to manually afjust them: Can’t be that hard to implement! Or we should wait till version 15 for this, over another 5 years? A big shame Steinberg!

It’s not only Cubase: Wavelab pro has the same fantastic hidpi implementation!

Hi, I’m planning to buy a new laptop and this thread scares me a bit. I was considering the new HP envy with a Full HD, IPS 17´ screen running Windows 10. Is this HiDPI issue going to affect me? I want it to work out of the box, no tweaking… What if I get a an old 2015 Mac Book? Is it going to be a better choice for Cubase? Thanks!

drmq, the HiDPI bugs do not effect the 1080p FULL HD laptop; only 4k

So you should be fine to save the $ and get more performance in Windows world

Nice, thanks!

In fact, I enjoy using Nuendo/Cubase MORE when I am only on my 1080p laptop then my workstations because at least there are no bugs and the text is at native resolution!