HiDPI Issues - Help

I have done multiple searches and I see that there are multiple issues with Windows and HiDPI. I just purchased Cubase Artist 12, and after this expense, I feel having software that cannot display correctly on a 4K Monitor without blur is a HUGE bummer! I like to use 300% Scaling as default as I have bad vision.

If I turn off HiDPI, all issues are resolved but the Interface looks like crap!

Besides the issue of Plugins being too small with HiDPI (I understand that maybe the PlugIn is to blame), I am wondering:

  1. I cannot often select the File Menu without multiple clicks of the mouse and lots of luck. Then, after multiple tries I can sometimes select the File Menu for the rest of the session. If I close Cubase and start again, the problem repeats. Is there any way I can fix this?

  2. Cubase 12 is brand new yet has this issue. Will this ever be improved?


Until they move to vector based graphics, this will be an issue.

It might have something to do with integer values, i.e. off pixel

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Thanks. I hope a vector system then is planned. I bought Cubase to go to something modern, but without HiDPI it does not look modern at all. Too blurry.

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I have found 200% scaling in Windows makes the File Menu stable, and the Cubase GUI is still not too small and looks sharp. It doesn’t solve the Plug-Ins being too small though. Half of my issues are solved for now.

I have found that right-clicking on the top bar of the plug-in Window and choosing ‘Allow Window To Be Resized’ fixes some of my plug-ins! On other plug-ins, if I drag the window to my 2nd lower resolution monitor, it is readable. Good to go! Enjoying working with Cubase now! Thanks