HiDPI issues with 12 / Regression? Not there in 11

Hi. I see many UI issues in Cubase 12 (most of which are sadly by design…).
But this has to be a bug:
In Cubase 11 the menus look nice in HiDPI mode, in a 2560x1440 screen, Windows 10 and 11.

But in Cubase 12 they are blurry as if they came from Cubase 10 (which had no proper HiDPI support).
The Mute, Solo, etc look blurry, and everything else looks as expected.

Hi and thank you for reporting.

I am not aware that these resources had been downscaled meanwhile. Stupid question: are you sure you’re Cubase 12 is running with HiDPI mode on ?

I’ve also noticed this. I’m definitely running with HiDPI.

Also, these line artifacts are still around:

Yes! I have those white lines too! For tracks that are not selected.

@Armand thanks for checking. Yes, I am in HiDPI. Everything looks sharp except those buttons.

Remaining white lines depending on the scaling factor are a known issue that should progressively disappear as we convert old GUI to the new GUI format.

I have to investigate why some icons appear to be blurry in C13 whereas they had already been vectorized in C12.

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Oh C13 already? :smiley:

I don’t get blur, what are people running their O/S DPI at, and any adjustment in Cubase prefs? I think these are more important factors than just stating screen resolution.

i.e. I run 4k screen, but it can still be 1:1 if I go 100% scale, but beyond that I could have windows set to 125% and Cubase set to -25%, 0, +25% etc.

Many combinations out there - and no doubt some of those combinations will cause more blur than others.

I’m using Windows 11, 2560x1440 primary monitor, Windows scaling it to 125%, Cubase set for HiDPI/System Setting (no additional scaling by Cubase.)

I see random GUI components blurry, in addition to the buttons mentioned by OP. For example, the mixer view of the lower pane of the main project window, you can see some things are sharp, like the “Out 3/4” text, and others, like the dB scale values, are blurry:


For the record, there are many, many other bugs and issues in Cubase I’d prefer get attention before these. Developing for proper scaling in Windows is a nightmare, and I can live with some less-than-amazing visuals.


I’m scaled to 4k 150% myself, and if I look closely, there are individual elements here and there that aren’t razor sharp. But they don’t really affect my workflow. Other issues clearly do. It would be nice to get immediate answers from SB as well on other issue topics, where its not about graphics.

I will say this: seeing things like these white line artifacts, blurry assets, and general lack of polish and attention to detail does make me feel less confident about the product overall. It feels rather unfinished and untested. Reading that issues will “progressively disappear” instead of just being fixed makes me, as a customer, feel that the company isn’t taking a lot of pride in the product. The attitude from the company feels more like, “Meh, it’s good enough” rather than “This product is amazing!”

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