HiDPI looks crisp

Despite the issues with some individual plugins and a bug here and there, I find HiDPI is looking good and was worth the upgrade. Thank you Steinberg for doubling down and trying to get it worked out. I trust the first maintenance updates will offer more improvements :+1:

Thank you for your feedback! We are working on it.

i’m kinda pissed with that one, because this was (at least in theory) a feature I bought 10.5 for, but in the end it was half baked feature I couldn’t use with my 125% scaling setting in windows and heaps of vsts not supporting hidpi natively. now I need to shell out another 100euro for finally having the possibility to use it :frowning: I think i’ll wait for discount.
but good to hear that it’s properly implemented this time.

Good to hear, could we have your system specs please? Specifically you graphics card make/model/driver and your display, make model, 4k or QHD? screen size and dpi. I’m sure many on here will be interested to know and compare along with troubleshooting plugins etc. Thank you!