HiDPI scaling

With the introduction of variable high DPI support with Cubase 11, HALion now supports more scaling sizes. I attempted to see if I could get HALion to scale my interface at 150% DPI. HALion scaled correctly but it did not load my correct interface using the 1.50x methodology. Any knows how scaling is suppose to work with the ability to scale more?

Ok, so I was wrong here. It is scaling correctly. I am just getting random pixels that do not belong in some frames, and this is based solely off HALion when it is between percentages of 100%. For example if I scale to 100% everything is fine. If I scale to 200% everything is fine. If I scale to 125%, 150% or 175% I get these strange pixels that seem to be parts of the interface that should not even be in the frames.

Hi @abject39 and thank you for reporting this bug. May I ask you a to post a few screenshots here?


Do you mind if I post them to you in private?

Sure, no biggie.