HiDPI User Controllable Scaling?

App scaling for Cubase needs to be user selectable, and have options for 100% 150% and 200% at very minimum.

I’ve tried dozens of workaround to fix the issue, but nothing seems to work.

The current scaling in HiDPI makes no sense, it’s either 100% app scale on 100-125% display scaling, or 200% app scaling on 150%+ display scaling.

Meaning you’ve either got everything so small it’s impossible to read, even on a large 4K screen, or everything is so large, you lose most of your screen real estate, feels like working in Windows 95, Does this make sense to anyone?

There is no middle ground that is comfortable to work in.

after I bought a HiDPI monitor I had to turn off HiDPI in Cubase because I couldn’t see the menus anymore :frowning:

I’m glad it’s not just me haha