High asio time usage and asio time overload

hey guys, ive never had this problem before… all of a sudden in my current project (which has 22 channels with heaps of processsing - not sure if this contributes…) is showing up as higher than usual asio time usage, and it even peaks out as a time overload.

I have narrowed down the overload to a particular track which when i mute it, it doesnt peak out. but it the level on the asio time usag i have never noticed this high before, and most of my projects are loaded with processing and i havent had this problem before.

anyone else had this issue?


“I have narrowed down the overload to a particular track…” is this an audio track, and possibly at different sample rate than the other audio tracks?
Also, what is different about this particular track, such as plug-ins used?

If I remember correctly, one time I had a similar issue because an audio track was at a different sample rate than the others. Different bit rates do not cause any funny ‘funny’ behaviour as far as I know.


Thanks for the reply dude, I think you might be right. I’m gonna check it out when I get home.