High average load in Cubase 10 (Peak CPU average load and real time peak)

Hi All

Please, help me to understand, why this happens

Signature attached my configuration.
I have used ASI Madiface USB driver.
Input latency 6.190 ms, Output Latency 7.143 ms ASI-Guard Latency 23.220 ms
Buffer size set on my RME UFX+ to 512
64 bit float Processing Precission.
Activated Multi Processing.
Activated ASIO-Guard.
Disk Preload to 2 seconds.
Activated Adjust for Record Latency.

I have on my project High peak average load (when I load the project and if I do nothing)
I have used 3rd plugins like Thorn, A.N.A, Spire, Serum, Dune, Triton, Kontakt
I have used also Halion, Dark Planet
I have loaded audio loops.
No special effects.
About 40 tracks in total.

Is there any way, how can I get the problem causing this average load (approx. 80%) and real time peak about 10%, disk cache load 0%
Can I get dump or detail of measuring meters to see, what causing this ?
Please, can you help me to find the way to find it ?

What I have tried:
a) Removing all VST Plugins decreased that average peak to 20%
b) opening new empty project is ok, nothing
c) Removing all audio loops decreased that to approx 70%

What “Average load” means ?

I found this in the docu

Average load

Shows how much of the available CPU power is used for audio processing.

Real-time peak

Shows the processing load in the real time path of the audio engine. The higher this value, the higher the risk that dropouts occur.

Overload indicator

The overload indicator to the right of the real-time peak indicator and the average load indicator displays overloads of the average or real-time indicator.

If it lights up, decrease the number of EQ modules, active effects, and audio channels that play back simultaneously. You can also activate the ASIO-Guard.


Shows the hard disk transfer load.

Disk overload indicator

The overload indicator to the right of the disk indicator lights up if the hard disk does not supply data fast enough.

If it lights up, use Disable Track to reduce the number of tracks playing back. If this does not help, you need a faster hard disk.

Anyway I found this interrest article about CPU - October 2009 (older one)
Source (2020): https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=283&t=186522&p=991760&hilit=average+load#p991760

Average load shows how much of the available CPU power is used for audio processing, So, OK - Audio processing. But, what is Audio processing in this meaning ? I do not play anything and I have audio processing 80% for the project … ?

Thank you for your tips and experience !