High Contrast windows 8.1 / 10

I don’t mind using Windows default Theme being forced on us with Cubase, the problem is that is not the only applicaiton I use. I use other software in conjunction with it, like MS oneNote. If I am forced to set Cubase in Windows default Theme wish is not HIgh COntrast. WHen I switch to my other apps at time to time I am blasted with white. Cubase is the only application I own that force us to use such setting.

Please fix it so we can use high contrast. If other compagny like Adobe can do it, Steinberg can do it too.


I never used high contrast in my life, I I have w7 Pro amd fx, 16gb ram, radeon 5700 (with catalyst sw running), standard mb audio system (realtek) and I never had cubase 8 elements (64) start correctly, it hangs during startup and tells me to change high contrast settings to aero… I am thinking to ask for refund

Check this out, it might be the cause https://www.steinberg.net/nc/en/support/knowledgebase_new/show_details/kb_show/windows-7-error-message-dwm-composition-is-not-running-please-switch-to-an-aero-theme.html

thanks for the quick answer but I already took a look of that thread, the problem is that I am actually running a version of w7 professional sp1, but in the panel shown in that thread I didn’t find any of the two checkboxes “enable aero peak” and “enable transparent glass”, even if the service “Themes” is loaded and automatic. cubase 8 started correctly a couple of times and more than 10 times it didn’t start… I can’t understand how a program sometimes works and sometimes not, it shouldn’t have flu or some disease that makes it unstable. Anyway I solved (hopefully) uninstalling and reinstalling on my laptop with w10, now I am triyng the software but it’s too early to say it works :slight_smile: