High CPU Usage Problem

Hi everyone,
I’ve got a problem with my CPU if I use Cubase 6.
During the Playback, the CPU reach to 90-100% and the music crash always.
Another Problem is, if I export my song (via Mixdown and REALTIME EXPORT), there is always coming an error message saying “CPU overloaded”.
(Using also 6-7 Instrumental Tracks with HALION 4)

My PC details:
HP Pavilion DV7
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-BIT SP1
Intel Core i5 CPU M430 @ 2.3Ghz (4 CPUs)
Using TASCAM US-144 MK2 (as external sound card)
NVidia GeForce G105M

Is there a bug with Cubase 6, Halion 4 or my PC ?


Is it actually your cpu at 90-100% or is it Cubase ASIO meter?

Is your project just 6 or 7 Halion or a heavy project plus 6 or 7 Halion instruments??

Are you using 6 or 7 different Halion instances or one or 2 with multiple outputs?

Are you using 32bit Cubase?

Did you try to increase your soundcard buffers?

Check in task manager/performance your individual core loading…may well be that the loading is uneven if you are using one Halion with 6 or 7 libraries…Check your physical memory use while you’re there.

Aloha and +1

I am using Cubase 6 64BIT and using Halion and other Audio Tracks aswell.
Today, I tried to change the Latency of my Soundcard from “Normal” to “Highest Latency” and the CPU problem was solved. Now I can Play the Music normally and the CPU usage shows 30-60%.
But if I try to export the file via (Audio Mixdown with the Realtime Export), after few seconds it says “A CPU overload occured during the export!”
How can I solve this problem?

Try freezing some tracks and/or using the “Realtime Export”.

I tried to freeze and to export it with realtime export, but the error is still coming.
I can only export it normally (without REALTIME EXPORT).