High latency on Lenovo Thinkpad P15s

Hi there,

for mobile songwriting and arranging I’d like to use my Lenovo Thinkpad P15s Gen1.
But the audio latency is so much, that you can’t play the MIDI keyboard with a VST instrument.

It seems, that it’s independent if I just use one very simple VST instrument track without any further effects etc., or multiple tracks/VSTs. The latency is the same. Guess around 0.4seconds, which makes it impossible to play and record…
The latency increases significantly if I add advanced effects or inserts, such as multiband Compressor. But for my mobile purposes that wouldn’t even be required. Just would like to play (and record) in “realtime”. (I know, there will always be a little latency, but you know what I mean).

It works fine when using an external audio interface. But for mobile purposes I’d like to take just the laptop and a MIDI key with me. I remember back with my old MacBook Pro 2008 this compact setup was no problem.

I tried to install ASIO4all but it seems, that it didn’t detect the sound chip.

Does anyone use a Thinkpad and solved this issue?

Thanks in advance!

PS: Cubase 12 pro, Roland A300-Pro MIDI key, VST for e.g. halion se

The problem isn’t the laptop. It is the ASIO drivers to its audio interface, or rather the lack of one.
ASIO4ALL intends to solve this with its generic ASIO driver but it will never be as good as a driver written for the specific hardware.
If you can’t configure ASIO4ALL to detect your sound card, which sounds very unusual, the only other option is to get a proper interface. There are plenty of travel sized and budget friendly audio interfaces on the market today. It’s worth it.