High latency with Generic Low Latency Asio Driver

Hello, I use cubase in two computers. A laptop with W8.1 64b and a desktop with W10 64b. Both use Realtek audio cards.

When I use my interface (Boss GT1000) latency goes fine, but I frequently need to use the laptop without carrying my Boss or when recording my e-Drum. In those cases I enter to my audio card directly via USB. With generic low latency driver I always have 20/20 mls latency wich is way too much.

Does anybody know if there are specific asio drivers for Realtek cards? Or any other way to lower the latency via USB?

I have in all cases audioguard activated.


ASIO4ALL, try that

Yes worth a shot though not guarantee it will get your latency low enough. The output is not that great from internal audio though.

Hello. Thanks for the advises. I have tried and the latency seem to be allright (5/5ml).
I have a question. I guess I can record my drum with Asio4all, and then, when I want to record guitars in the same project, use the Asio driver of my interface. Right? I mean, is there any problem in using one driver when recording a track and a different driver when I record another track? Will I be able to mix and listen all the tracks of my project?

mkok, what do you mean by “The output is not that great from internal audio though.”?

Thank you both!

The audio cards in laptops for one usually suffer from noise and just don’t have the same sound quality as a decent external audio interface.

yep no problem

Ok. Thanks. But I dont use a laptop. I have a good desktop. And i send MIDI Signal from the e-drum to the computer.

Thanks for the advise