high level tech support needed

I use a lot of external effects for mixing. This is a long story, but the short version is (refer to my system description) I replaced my L22 with an E44 upping my I/O capability to 20 analog and 2 stereo digital. This has led to an issue which can be described as some sort of software failure resulting in blasts of continuous noise out of several channels at once. I have been speaking with Paul at Lynx tech support, and done a team viewer session to aid in his understanding of what is causing the issue.

it appears to be load related, and he pointed out the periodic spike in my asio meter load is probably a clue. He ruled out a driver issue because the hardware and the drivers treat the channels as stereo pairs, and the noise blasts are not stereo pairs.

Paul recommended i attempt to speak with someone fairly high in the tech support food chain and even suggested a couple of names: Greg Ondo and/or Robert Sermeno

I will use Steinberg’s normal tech support channel, but I’m wondering if there might be any shortcut.


Try LatencyMon utility, if this points to any issue in the ASIO comunication.

I was going to suggest an audio latency problem. Maybe it is set too low and may need to be raised some.