High pitched noise ur22mkII


Got problem with my ur22mkII and cubase 10 artist. When I input my guitar and create audio track. I hear clean and stable sound. Then when I input vst amp sim all i hear is high pitched noise and very horrible guitar sound. When I turn input gain to zero sound is still there. Okay when I turn the mix knob to input the sound high pitched noise is gone but the same time vst effects are gone. And when I turn knob to DAW high pitched sound comes and recording and playing is impossible.

Asio driver is yamaha steinberg and buffer size 256,

Any solutions?

Sounds like feedback.

Could be… What I´ll got to do?

Since cubase does not allow feedback loops internally it most likely has to do with your Interface setup. Have a look at the routing. The manual of the UR22 is excellent and clear.

All the best, Ernst