High Precision mode not multi client?

Hi, when my ur44c is in HR mode it hogs the core audio driver so nothing can play in the background.

with the standard driver all works fine, is this a bug or limitation ?

OSX 10.14.6

It is an limitation according to the manual as I understand it.

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I still don’t know what the difference is. I tend to avoid using the High Precision driver for this reason.

I have asked here on the forum a couple of times what the difference is between the High Precision and standard with no answer.

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@ilmolto @topaz
Reading the manual I think I found the answer.
I think “High Precision Mode” using USB3 gives you 32 bits integer precision.
Otherwise using USB2 you may have a lower precision. I can’t find information in the manual.


Thanks buddy. Yes, I saw that in the manual as well. It says if you’re running at 32 bit integer you should select High Precision.

But what is 32 bit integer? I have no idea if I am running that or not.

Your unit send sound in digital form to the computer via the USB connection.
It consists of a series of numbers.
32 bit integer format means that each value (sample) has the range 0 - 4.294.967.296 .
If you are using a unit connected to the ADAT-interface, you have 24bits, range 0 - 16.777.216.
So in that case you have a lower resolution from that unit.

Okay, but how do I know if I am using 32 bit or 24 bit? Is this determined by the driver?

Maybe standard driver uses 24 bit and High Precision uses 32 bit? Is this what it could be?

And does it also use more processing if you use 32 bit? And is there any point to it?

Yes, a lot of questions going through my mind. And thanks heaps for your help!

Well, the more bits, the better sound quality.
Of course, calculations require more processing in the computer.
I am not sure what the resolution is when using USB2. The manual does not describe it.

I’m just gonna stick with the standard (non high precision) driver. I’m sure I’m not missing out on much. Thanks again for your help.

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Same, standard driver is just fine here. :wink:

Cheers for all the replies.

On Windows ( that other driver from STeinberg…) there is no High precision to choose.
The URC’s series converters can go up to 32 bit, as long as you make this adjustment in the DAW you are using.
So not on the device itself, I cannot choose anything there(WIndows).

The 32 bit we’re talking about is 32 bit integer. I don’t think that’s the same as the audio bit depth you select in Cubase.