High RAM usage during load, why you need more RAM

I believed a lots of RAM wasn’t that important for small projects.

Checking your projects for how much RAM they use to get an idea of what you might need, doesn’t show you the huge hit you receive during load. No one told me this. Very important once you start jumping from project to project combining ideas.

My load times can be insane, even with NVMe 970 pro and decent OC 9700k. A few days back (luckily it was before the sales), a project was loading when the Task/Resource manager was open. RAM usage started to spike up HUGE, the shock, I thought it was glitch, especially once it maxed out. Then the modified page file was half the size of the ram bar, which is (also) more unnecessary writes (wear) on your SSD. This all disappears once the project finally loads. So I was wrong, lots of RAM is important, even for light projects.

Another discovery… during load, Cubase seems to heavily attack the 2nd core (core 1 as 0 is 1), easily maxing this out, which brings me to write this next thread, link coming!