High Sierra - MacOS 10.13.x



So has anyone ignored Steinberg’s warning and taken a leap of faith?

I am not this brave, but like to read about the bleeding edgers! :laughing:

Hi NorthWood,

I updated my macbook pro (medio) 2012 and in my test there are no problems with cubase 9.0.30, wave lab elements 9.1, groove agent

Always check if the driver of your sound card is supporting High Sierra.

Thanks for the info… I am going to wait just a little longer.

I still haven’t updated. I’m not saying this about Steinberg, but in general, even with the operating system beta’s that are offered to developers, most don’t get around to checking and fixing compatibility errors for a long time. I’ll generally wait months even. I remember one time I updated to Mountain Lion or Snow Leopard and all of the software stopped supporting my PowerPC CPU chip. Admittedly I was on a waaay too old Mac Pro but it was a beast. Zero reason for me to have had to upgrade at that point except for that change in the architecture.

So yeah, it’s not even just music applications, hardware and drivers, but even problems with how the operating systems are talking to your computer hardware. It’s best to wait and let everyone else discover the problems and make sure you’re staying on top of that news.

I took a leap of faith and now am unable to open Cubase Pro 9.0.3. I could’ve waited but how long?!

Sorry to hear its borked, The more i read about High Sierra, the longer I am willing to wait. :confused:

still waiting for reply of Steinberg… October is finished… also for windows fall creators.

All has been fine here. Had to sort a boot issue with my Mac which ended up meaning a clean install and have to say pain as it was to do, it seems to have made everything run just a fraction more smoothly.
Does not guarantee anything for another system of course!

Turns out that the problem has been the Komplete Kontrol update 1.9.1 is causing it to crash in High Sierra! After all that! I’ve posted out at NI and haven’t gotten any response from Native Instruments.