High Sierra? Who’s running WL 9.5.15 there?

How’s the water? What’s busted?

I use a many PSP, Slate, IZotope and Waves plugs, along with a few weirder and rarer things that I could live without while the bugs shake out. It’s easier to update apps in a working studio than an os, so I’m asking around. That said, the jump from Mavericks to Sierra was very positive for me, so who knows?


For awhile I had High Sierra on my secondary laptop doing minor work with no issues.

I now have High Sierra on my main studio machine and though it’s only been a few days, I can’t report any issues.

Keep in mind though, I don’t really use the global master section or the external gear plugin.

I do use a fair amount of 3rd party plugins and can’t report any issues, or at least any issues that came from moving to 10.13 from 10.12


we officially support OSX 10.13 for Wavelab 9.5.15.
If you have any issues please report to the forum.