Highg latency with keyboard evolution MK-249C

Hello, I have rescued my very old MIDI controller evolution MK-249C and connected it via USB, It works, but the latency is very high. I have tried, Asio4All, Generic Low Latency Asio and the driver of my audio interface. With any ASIO Driver the latency is very high.

It is the first time I connect any MIDI keyboard to Cubase, so have no experience at all. I dont have latency problem in any other circumstance. Any clue on how I can resolve this?


When you say you don’t have latency problem in any other circumstance are you doing anything where you would actually notice latency…recording through amp sim for example?
What latency is Cubase reporting in device setup page?
Do you have plugins in your project that are adding latency? Try the constrain delay compensation to switch off plugs that do.

Hello Grim. Thanks indeed for your answer. I am out of home. I will check your comments and answer asap.

Again, many thanks for your help.

You are going to need an audio interface with with true ASIO drivers.

ASIO4ALL is just a wrapper that fakes ASIO for the generic driver that comes with windows.
The Generic Low Latency Asio driver is just that, the most basic of drivers. Pretty much the same thing as ASIO4ALL, but even more limited.
DTS Studio Sound is designed for aural enhancement for playback, not recording.

I have been using an Evolution MK-361c since 2003. I have always always used a true ASIO audio interface and have had very low latency. Back around that time I was using a terratec dmx 6fire 24/96. I now use a focusrite sapphire pro. With both interfaces I was/am able to get below 10ms latency very easily.

Thanks Mr. Beer.

The thing is that the audio interface I use is a Guitar pedalboard Boss GT-1000, and with its driver I get lantecies of 1.4/5.4 mls, which i think is not bad.

I am connecting my Keyboard or my e-Drum, to the USB port of the computer.

The problem is relatively resolved now. Most of the times I am not having latency, but sometimes it appears and dont know why.

Would it be good to connect them to the MIDI in of the GT-1000 and then from the GT-1000 to the computer via USB using the ASIO of the GT-1000?

Or any other recommendation about how to use the keyboard in terms of configuration and so on?