Highlight Events in Project Window?


Just in the process of migrating from Cubase to Nuendo 6.5.

Is there a preference which enables selected events in the Project Window to be properly highlighted (colour reversed or shown with a dark colour) rather than simply outlined in a thin red line? Maybe it’s just my eyes, but this is nothing like as quick to spot as the system that Cubase uses for displaying selected events.

Hopefully I’m just missing something. Thanks for any help.


look in Preferences\event display

play around with the options to see if you can get the look you want.

I checked that Brain, but it doesn’t do what I’m trying to achieve. Those preferences only change the way ALL events are displayed - no options to change the way selected events are shown.

Thanks anyway.

I started on Nuendo 2…and when Cubase 6 came out I decided to “switch over.” I really hated the way events would turn negative/opposite colors…but I got used to it. I recently came back to Nuendo, but now I hate that I can’t easily find selected events! Go figure!

Moral of the story? It should be a setting in preferences!

Sorry to hear that this is hard-wired. If I look at a screen full of events, I have pretty much no idea which one is selected, becaues the red outline is hair-thin, my monitors are running at 2560x1440 and there’s a lot of colour on screen.

I agree that the Cubase system isn’t perfect, because you lose the colour of the selected event (as you do if you mute an event - also not great), but at least it’s saving you precious seconds every time you have to identify which event you’re workling with, which over a 12-14 hour working day all adds up.

I guess I can only request that some additional options be added for selected event display. Strange that everything else in Nuendo 6.5 looks pretty much identical to Cubase 7.5 (which I wasn’t expecting) except this.

Thanks again for the feedback.