Highlight keys in Variaudio for quicker correction - picture added

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Please, add the feature-request tag.

+100000000 like for this topic.
want to create it year ago, but not have a time for reg on forum etc…

So as not to recall every time and do not miss not one note and do not waste time.
problem happens if you edit a lot, and long time. and another keys, it starts mixed in brain and you start think is note from another key must be there…
too tired of this.

hi @Vaesion, i think your problem is same to mine. i found a solution!

  1. create a chord track and create a square in it with a pencil (but do not select a chord, leave X)

  2. uncheck “auto scale” in inspector panel

  3. find a thin micro-stripe under the drawn square and choose your tone there. (double click or upper info bar)

  4. you can remove the large square of the chord, leaving only a thin strip.
    (after you find it you can draw thin stripes with a pencil immediately and select a key)

  5. to highlight notes in variaudio - find the palette at the top of the toolbar, and select “chord track” there.

I’ve spent half a day tinkering with these moronic chords that don’t work adequately for my purpose. and give out the wrong notes and just do not tied to the timeline.
two things appear in the form of one of the occurring micro-dimensions, not visible and not visible one on the other. that’s horrible.
it’s too confusing. too complicated.
So this way you show is will be more and more better…

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I run a hip hop studio. None of them can sing but they all sing. 60 hours a week. It gets tiring visually having to always follow the lines to the left to see what piano key you are choosing. Also copy and paste variaudio from one vocal stack to another. They sing a lead and 2 stereo stacks. I always have to copy every syllable that I did to the first one to the others. You guys may have already done this and I just need to study but if not it’s a must. You guys are brilliant.

Sam you are a sharp cookie! The cool thing about steinberg is time is like gold to them. They make sure creativity isn’t held up by doing 6 things for one function. They will some it up in one button. All these DJ softwares tell you the key of the song as soon as you load It in. I do about 60 hours a week of importing 2 track beats for people to sing on. I should be able to import that song see the exact tempo and key that it is and if I need to key correct simply choose the key and it highlight it in the variaudio. They will do it one day. They do everything.

@Vaesion i make pic for you. Try it, i hope it helps you as help me!
until DEVs make it not so moronic way.