Highlight Multi Output VST Instrument Channel in Mixer


I hope steinberg is already working on a better solution for handling multi output / Multi timbral instruments with automation and the mixer (in one channel).

For the time being, I can not figure when I am using multi timbral track instruments with multiple outputs and multiple midi Channels assigned to it ( I have already made the Connection between the Midi Channel and the Instruments Output in the Inspector) why I can not select a Midi Channel of that instrument in the Arrange Window and have Cubase automatically highlight the respective vst Instrument Output in the mixer ?

My Feature Request for an easier workaround and overview would be to let me select a midi channel in the Arrange Window with the mixer option set to “highlight or blink” the respective vst audio output in the mixer according to the already assigned output in the inspectors midi channel.

I want to stay at the currently selected midi channel in the Arrange window so letting Cubase automatically select (instead of highlight or blink) the vst audio output would not be a wise option to implement and we can already do this manually by clicking on the “e” button in the midi channel inspector .

This is just a workflow and better overview option improvement until we get proper multi output / Multi timbral vst instruments handling…