Highpass / lowpass automation?

I would really like to automate my kick and bass with a highpass and a lowpassfilter. Is there a good eq or vst in cubase which lets you do this easy?

Kind regards Conny

Every audio channel in Cubase features a built in channel strip that includes a 4 band EQ as well as a pre section with HP and LP filters. Any parameter in the channel strip can be automated.

To automate a parameter, first enable Write Automation image.
Next, while your project is playing, change the value of the parameter you wish to automate. You can use your mouse to click and drag on the GUI.
Automation data has now been recorded and an Automation Lane should show up just below your track.
To view all automation on a track, right click the track in the Project Window and click Show All Used Automation.

Great didn’t believe it could be that easy, nice i will try it out today. Thank you very much for your response.