Historical Lute Tablature

I tried the demo version of Dorico a few years ago, and am literally waiting for one feature. Do we have a projection for when historical instrument tablature is going to be added? Specifically I need French tab, but obviously it’d be important for Italian and German tab to be included as well.

At the moment, I’m using Musescore and waiting patiently, but that’s starting to wear thin, and I’m considering other software. Anyone know what the plan is?

I’m guessing then that the TAB editor does not allow you to create what you are waiting for?

No. It does modern tab. I need the ability to create French tab (letters instead of numbers), with annotations underneath the staff for extended bass ranges, without having to resort to hacks and workarounds to achieve it. I love the Dorico interface and have been waiting for Dorico to implement this feature (which every other editor including Musescore has) for quite ahwile now. Last I heard it was on the planned features list; otherwise I would not have waited… but that was 2021. Does anyone know where we’re at on this? It’s make or break for me; I have to have it.

The team don’t usually make announcements of what will be in future releases (with a few small exceptions for imminent releases).

You can be sure that it’s “on the list” – but that list includes lots of things that people are waiting for: audio tracks and looping; cutaway scores and aleatoric lines; etc, etc, etc.

I know that’s cold comfort: but you can be sure that when it is implemented, it’ll be awesome.

Yes, indeed, we do plan to add support for lute tablature, but I’m afraid it’s not something we are currently working on.

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