History file

Is there any way to save the History from one project or inside it?

I usually spend lot of time editing a project along several days, and sometime it would be useful to get the History from other days to undo some action. Every time you close the project, you loose the History.

Would be great.

(Sorry for not answering the question as posed)

What I do as a habit on both PT and Nuendo is save-as regularly. I increment the “version” number as I go. I actually mostly don’t have to go back to earlier versions, but if I ever have to I have confidence I can find a version that is very close to where I was at some point. And it extends beyond offline history and also in a sense includes different states of progress in editing and mixing. I know that might seem like complete overkill to people, or just be simply annoying (especially to manage in Nuendo’s folder structure), but for me that works. So it’d be for example;

“Project 0.0” - importing all media and making sure it’s lined up
“Project 0.01” through 0.09 - all editing
“Project 0.1” and up with each .x being a completed Act or Segment mixed of a show, and finally
“Project MIX 1” when the first mix is completed.

And then when I get mix revision notes;

“Project MIX 1.1” and up while working, until I reach “Project MIX 2” for the second version. I suppose this is a bit similar to software numbering… maybe…

Yes, I usually save several versions of project but there could be a preference to activate or not to maintain the whole History of a project. I suppose it wouldn’t increase so much project file size and you could return to any edit step.

I always missed that.



I’d love to see two checkmarks in the “Save-as Window” which imply:

  • Include undo history
  • Include automation pass history

I understand it if a projects’ file size increases gradually with it’s histories but that’s why it should be an option a user chooses for deliberately to include the histories or not.

Niek/ Amsterdam

No interest for this function?

I think it’s very useful and I’d like to share this request if lot of people is interested.