History for project time spacing changes / TimeVersions (In regards to 'Delete Time'/'Insert Silence'/'Insert Bars')

having a bit of trouble. Obviously it’s up to the user to “avoid trouble” with proper workflow, but on occasion I feel an instance of "I wish I could undo that insert silence I did, without undoing everything else)

So, it would be great to have a separate history.

I guess it’s mostly because with TrackVersions, previous versions could have been created before a ‘Insert Silence’ initiation was used.

Anyone agree, or does this not make sense?

buff, I don’t understand the post… sorry

editing a track:


duplicate track version and make an edit:


decide want to 'Insert Silence:


do some more work unrelated:


want to undo the ‘Insert Silence’ or ‘Insert Bars’ change without undoing the new edit:


Clear now!

This feature is already requested in a recent post.