History of Fire Part 2 Early21

Here is the part 2 that I said I would create, after part 1 (you can find in my soundcloud).

This is made with Spitfire BBCSO with no additional tracks other than a piano.

Looking forward to your comments and suggestions.


Very NICE, Leon. Fabulous writing for orchestra. I love the energy of the themes and the interplay between the sections is superb. There’s a soundtrack waiting for a movie here.


Ambitious track, very well done and well thought out.

FANTASTIC, awesome piece of music early21, great dynamics :slight_smile:


Congratulations! Very nice composition, beautiful melodies and orchestral development carried out with great skill, superbly orchestrated and mixed.

I bow to you, Sir!

Jonathan, Rotku60, deangersmith, Rene_L, thanks for the kind words. You have all been very supportive. Glad you enjoyed!

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Wow… Superb. Top Orchestration . Theme is beautiful. Powerful & Over smart
That’s it, Leon.

Thanks for listening, Stephane! I appreciate your feedback.

Beautiful! I love the energy, dynamics, variety, creativity. Beyond my skill level, composition wise. Much respect to you, sir. Very cool. :sunglasses:

Very impressive. Nice evolving piece with great production.

Wow indeed, as already been said!

Thanks for listening, Scab!

Thanks for listening, Planarchist!

Appreciate you taking the time.

Holy shit.

Is there a genre you can’t do?
The composition is lovely. I’m with Deangersmith - the dynamics you’ve captured are stunning. I’m waiting here to join up to your Youtube channel where you teach how to orchestrate, how to mix, how to play guitar. how to compose, et cetera et cetera.

I remember you said your son is a professional bass player. What does he make of his dad’s music?

Lovely stuff Leon.


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Hi Steve, very kind words, indeed! I’m still learning how to do this, so I don’t envision a Youtube channel any time soon! Mostly I’m fumbling around, but the BBCSO Orchestra VST presented an interesting challenge, and it was lot of effort to figure out how to use it. And I hope I get better at it in the near future. My orchestration was mostly intuitive, but there was a time back in my college days when I took an orchestration course, for jazz ensembles. Maybe that guided me.

My son usually has a lot of helpful suggestions on the pieces I produce, and he plays on a a lot of them. So I think he likes them for the most part, but it’s not for the child to encourage the parent; it’s the other way around! He’s doing great, by the way.

Anyway, thanks a lot for the encouragement!

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Jaw dropping stuff, what planet are you from to be able to put a piece like this together…

Hah - thanks Kevin!

Wow!. This really is cinematic and really well done. I thought the percussion entry at the start sounded like a film score from a visually arresting 50’s blockbuster. I mean that in the best of ways becasue ironically it hearkens back to the days before more “modern” elements infiltrated a lot of soundtracks. I loved the whole arrangement. The woodwinds floated, the strings soared and punctuated, and the brass was right on (I liked what sounded like French Horns). I continue to be a fan of what you write and record.

Hi John, thanks for listening and for your kind remarks. Yes, you heard French Horn samples, usually paired with Trombones.