History shows the way

Hi, This is a re mix of a protest song which, sadly seems more relevant than ever considering the current situation on the planet,
If you take time out to listen, I thank you.


I dig it. You could almost leave the front interlude off as the middle one takes you away with it and is unexpected. Im just thinking arrangement though. Its all cool

Hi Kevin, another great song. All the sounds are good. Drums are especially good on this track. Don’t know what you’re using, but you certainly know how to use it. But also guitars sound great, and as always, vocals. I did like the front interlude, by the way.

The bass went awry at 4:22, I think. Copy/Paste error?

Bass problem?..gonna look into it now!! the drums are Jamstix.

Had trouble hearing a problem where you suggested due to my cloth ears more than likely…I copied and pasted bass from another area using the same bass notes so hopefully it’s ok now…

Did you upload the new version? On Soundcloud, it is still the same.

Yeah, uploaded the new version, gotta admit my friend, I can’t hear what your hearing, I replaced the bass with bass from another part of the song using the same chords…wish I had your ears mate!

Nice job with this one, Kevin. I like the tune and the sentiment in the lyrics. That marriage of the bass and bass drum drove it along nicely, and the guitars sounded good.

Thanks for listening to my humble efforts John…

Great job there, you know its incredible when you hear a personal reference in some passages that surely or maybe the composer didn’t intended it, its a wonderful thing and a signe of quality as the band im refering to on top is an underrated one but I love it. Check Ashburry Heights - People are Strange. I had this feeling around 3/4 of your song. Also I love thé beginning of phrase some times when the guitar falls in a perfect reconnection to the previous chords. Its in G major, good choice there its a dynamic tone!


Thank you for listening my friend.

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