History & undo question

I am working on a project where I have been trying out the new functions in 6.5 mainly the new quantize audio options.When I have saved a project and return to it I have had difficulty in undoing what I had been experimenting with.The history option on the menu doesn’t seem to keep anything beyond the current session so I cant see what I was doing last time around.I can’t see any way to undo quantize from any of the other options.Can anyone help?

Try using the undo quantize option on the quantize panel. select the parts first.

Thanks for that, Icant see an undo function only reset - does that put the track back to initial state?

Well reset then :stuck_out_tongue:

Tell you what, get into the habit of using the incremental save Ctrl/Alt/S it’ll save you a lot of grief in the long run :wink:

Ok…thanks for that! :wink:

Hi , do u have to do this manually ??? everytime , thought there was a feature in the preferences to save every 5 /10 mts whatever , u can chose , the timing there, n save it that might activate the History undo… i know the last action to undo can be undone with control +z … didnt understand incremental though??? s

Yes, manually. If you want to use auto save all very good.