History undo removing automation

Hi all!

I have come across a bug… I hope, that is causing an issue when using the undo history command. It’s removing automation from plugins that have not been touched, when using the undo history command to bring back a different plugin that was accidentally or intentionally removed.

A message comes up, “When undoing this step, all associated data will be lost”. I understand what this means, but why would it remove the automation of a plugin that is not in the history?


  1. Create empty project.
  2. Load two plugins and write automation on one.
  3. Remove the plugin that has no automation.
  4. Use the History undo command to bring back the plugin you removed.
  5. Click ok when the message comes up.
  6. The automation on that track will be gone.

This does not make any sense at all. Why can’t it not undo history without affecting automation??

Now, if there is something that I’m missing, please enlighten me.


This keeps happening with Cubase 9.5, a headache for clumsy oaf like me :S

Yes, I can confirm this problem, too - Cubase Pro 9.5.30 on Windows 7 Ultimate. It must be somehow solved.

Same here.

I’d like to add: When you have an automation track that is still empty, accidentally clicking on it (and setting an automation event) changes to value of the entire line to that point. When undoing that, the automation event is removed, but the line does not return to it’s former position.