hit point detection

after complaining so much about old behaviours that changed without a reason (at least for me) i have to confess that the new hit point detection works awesome (finally).

i used it today for the first time to trigger bass drum and snare and there were only 2 or 3 hits missing in the bass drum track that weren´t caught from the detection. i used to trigger with the plugin trigger to converrt audio into midi but the new hit point detection just works better and faster.

it´s a huge timesaver for me.

great work steinberg!

+1 here

Have to second that.

In fact it is so much great stuff in C6.03 and N5.5, that it is extra hard understanding why some functions are broken intentionally.


A big DITO.

I am currently sitching back and forth between C5.5 (resp N5.1) and N5.5. Keeping the main project in C5.5 - doing editing Stuff in N5.5 - but only when I have to deal with tripplets… Oh my god, I wish Steinberg would have just added those great new features WITHOUT breaking all the other stuff.


they works good…
just an idea for next update: a frequency filter to detect hitpoint…to better isolate bd from snare or hihat for exemple :wink: