Hitpoint Detection is really off, still no solution?

Hello guys,
I’m creating drum samples and I have to cut thousands of hits. the matter is that no matter what settings I try, I can’t get Cubase to detect hitpoints properly… See picture
I’ve made a bit of research on the forum and google and realized that is a problem that exists since a long time now.
Will I really need to edit each hitpoints ? :scream:
I guess there are no solutions but maybe a lot of posts will get them work on this .
Thx guys for reading

I obviously can’t hear this, but consider whether it’s really a problem. If I were editing and saw this hitpoint, I wouldn’t think anything of it. In fact, if it were any farther to the left I’d be worried that the hit would sound late when triggered.

I personally haven’t created a library of samples, so perhaps I don’t fully understand the issue you’re describing. I just wanted to raise the point to consider whether this is an issue for the eyes or an issue for the ears.

Hi Kelp,
Thanks for taking the time to reply to this post.
You are somewhere right saying that this might not be a problem, but why does cubase doesn’t create the hitpoint at the very beginning of the transient ? Cutting the wave at this place will create a “pop” sound and I will need to add a very short fade in and so loose the very beginning of the transient.
But Yes at the end of the day it might sound the same as it would have been cut a the very beginning.
It’s just hard for me to know that I might loose some information in the sound without understanding why is that :slight_smile:

Yes hitpoints haven’t been right for a while. I have 9.5 installed just for hipoints, to me it’s much better.

Really ?
Gonna try this. That would be really strange if it’s the case :slight_smile:

The Hitpoint feature has been broken for the 3 last versions of Cubase… This should be very very high on their “fix-list” IMO.

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I can certify that, hitpoints detection is not fixed since 9.5. More so with bass instruments, it is almost unusable…steinberg are you paying attention?

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