Hitpoint detection still not working properly in 9.5

It’s still hit and miss.
Just did some vocal alignment using hitpoints, and there are a lot of manual editing required.
To the point of setting the points manual would have been just as slow.
Here is something that could need attention, adding hitpoints to small noises clearly out of the catch range, should not happen.
Not mad, just a little disappointed :cry:

Agreed, it’s still definitely not at the level I’m used to using with confidence in Pro Tools. Sometimes it’s way off even on very obvious clear rhythm stuff, which takes away lots of valuable time in my tight schedule here; and sometimes it’s fine.

It’s still not as good as recycle

Using the hot-key modifiers is essential to the manual editing part to get proper results.
hold alt - locate
hold shift - delete

there is still room for the locate of hitpoints as the results are very limited.

Agreed. There is still a lot of poor accuracy with the detection algorithm; its not a question of ‘could’ need attention - it does need attention.! :wink:

No way. :imp:


And I don’t mean to be snarky when I ask: Did it -ever- work properly? If so, when.

I ask because about once every major version I will try it with, say, a piano piece or some drums and when it’s obviously -wrong-, even on a relatively simple bit, I forget about it until the next version. So I may have missed something.

I want to get a sense of how it -should- work so I can determine if it’s -me- or the program. I open my old copy of Ableton Live Lite and it just -works-. I don’t have to guess, or think about it. It just works.

Yep, I’ll add my support here to request that Steinberg refine their algorithm. I used it the other day and it just seemed to be completely random. The problem really was that it created many points that were just useless and this was on a guitar track which had clearly defined notes. So in the end I had to do it the old fashioned time consuming manual way :slight_smile:


I also find that for guitar tracks in particular that for me they hitpoints rarely work. Other material I find it works marvelously, like sound effects or drums.

I also used it recently and was surprised about the random result…

THIS USED TO BE MUCH BETTER!!! i just posted an issue with this…dammit

Is there a better option with a third party vst instrument?

It’s very frustrating to use for someone like me who’s coming from Pro Tools. Compared to PT, Cubase hitpoint detection is often inaccurate and unreliable. From what I understand this has been pointed out or years, so unfortunately I wouldn’t hold your breath. :frowning: It’s definitely even worse now than when I started with V8.5.

WOW… It used to work… :frowning: