Hitpoint Problems

Hi All,

I’m fairly new to editing hit points. I opened up the audio editor and there sections to the left saying Vari audio, hit points etc. I made hit points on a piece of audio, took some unnecessary bits off either side of the section I wanted, but then found I couldn’t glue the hit points together in order to time stretch the whole segment using the time stretch arrow thing. I also only seem to have a window containing the audio plus a menu of usual stuff at the top, but no sign of all the menu options that were originally on the left (various audio, pitch, etc.).

So, two things, how do I stitch all these consecutive hit points back together? And how do I get back to the window/editor that originally offered me the left-hand menu?

Incidentally, when I’ve gone to Audio/hitpoints in the audio part editor the option to remove hit points is greyed out…

Please help, I’ve researched and can’t resolve.