Hitpoints - preserve or copy them & using them in conjunction with variaudio

Hi, I’m busy with improving my editing skills dramatically these days and I’m fiddling with 19 poorly recorded songs from the 1990s :face_with_spiral_eyes:

what I’m missing / failing at:

a) is there a way to keep or copy hitpoints even though I’m about to consolidate my edits for mixing (bounce selection / render in place / “make stuff permanent”)?

background: I fiddled a lot with the time warp tool, improved the overall tempo and also used vari audio a bit. I want to make these changes permament without loosing the hours I put into hitpoint adjustments / corrections. Right now I have perfect hitpoints literally for each drum hit + each single bass guitar note.

b) is there any way to “teach” vari audio the results of my work with hitpoints? Like I can with creating warp markers for instance. The results for midi-fying the electric bass tracks are all over the place (vari audio) but my hitpoints would already “know where each note starts” … and how many pitched notes there are to begin with :face_with_peeking_eye:

Thanks a lot in advance, any help is much appreciated!

anyone with knowledge about hitpoints?