Hitpoints vs Tempo Track


So I’m working on backing tracks. I ripped the track and plopped it into Ableton (most folks in my arena seem to use Ableton for this type of activity) but no matter what I did with the Warping settings about three minutes into the song the difference between the click and the pulse of the song was very noticable.

So I gave up on Ableton and brought the track over into Cubase 9.5. I’d used hitpoints a long time ago with Cubase 4 (or 6?) to match a tempo to a loop, so I tried going that route again but I was not successful. I kept having issues matching things up between loud and quiet sections, the hitpoints weren’t even, it was a pain to go through a 7-minute song moment-by-moment to adjust and add/remove as needed. So then I tried Warping in Cubase but whenever I tried to stretch or compress a loop it only acted on that one line, and not all lines “downstream” of where I was working, so I couldn’t get the track to match up using those tools either. It just didn’t seem to work like the Youtube videos showed it to work.

Then I found the tempo track function and 20 seconds later everything matches up like a champ. Perfect. Amazing.

So my question: what are HitPoints for now?

Thank you for your help!


I think I answered my own question just by mulling about it.

Hitpoints are more for loops, for slicing them up and mashing them up or reorganizing the slices somehow.

The tempo track is what I needed all along, which is to take Cubase and create a system to map to for adding other MIDI instruments and so forth.