Hits points Anchors?

Hi All , I have a riser and would like to put an anchor at the peak , I found hit points but am find it a little hard to work . is there the best way to mark a single hit ? Hits points seems more with Loops etc

Is Snap Point what you’re looking for?

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Logic calls is an Anchor point and Protools call it a Sync point . , it makes a mark on an audio file which then takes over as the snap position . if you have a sweeping sound which needs to end on a beat etc . I can see the auto Hit points , but really I would just like one hit point so I can drag around without zooming in

Yes, Cubase just calls it a Snap Point and afaik, a single audio part can only have one.
(The link to the manual above explains how to set it where you want it.)

OK perfect, so if I want an audio region to snap mid point (not at the start) can I Create a marker on a region ?

No, markers has nothing to do with this.
Please read:

Perfect thank you, I missed the bit where it said setting the snap point . You’re a gentleman

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