Happy New Year all=)

I wish you a really good 2019. Like, really good.


Are people really so bored, jaded and pissed off they can’t be bothered to join in when someone posts a topic such as this, is it old hat, not cool or what? I appreciate the fact that someone actually had the thought of doing it :sunglasses: .

It wasn’t always like that…so, Happy New Year to ya’ll :wink:

people will be robots… erm… people :stuck_out_tongue: busy doing this or doing that and all the other things;) I barely had the energy to write that post (as with this one too…)

still sooo sleeepy… this weekend will be dedicated recovery time;)

Anywho, I’m happy that you got the message, mauri :wink:

have a good one, good guy :wink: (and all good guys n gals out there) :wink:

Cheers, m8 =)

Hello and Happy New Year! =)

Happy New Year everyone! :slight_smile: