Ho do I delete staff names. I am bamboozled.


I have done all I can to delete the staff names, but without any success.

The original file was a MusicXML file, so this might be the problem.

The score is for piano.

See attachment.

Thank you.

Your original MusicXML imported two separate instruments, not one piano.

Create a new player in the left panel of Setup mode. Give it a Piano instrument.
Switch to Write mode.
Select and copy everything on “1” to the top staff of the new piano grand staff.
Select and copy everything on “2” to the bottom staff of the new piano grand staff.
Switch back to Setup mode.
Select your “1” and “2” players in the left panel then hit the trash can at the bottom of Setup mode.
You’ll be prompted - say yes to removing both players and part layouts.
Go to Layout Options > Staves and Systems and set the following options:

Wow, thank you for such clear explanation on what to do.

Best wishes.

I might have been a bit presumptuous with my skill level.

I notice that when I copy from the music with dynamics and other instructions to the piano staff, only the notes and dynamics get copied and pasted. The tempo markings do not get pasted to the piano player.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you.


If they really are tempo markings then they ought to exist as system text (above the top of the system), so they shouldn’t need to be copied. Or am I missing something?

Sorry for bothering you pianoleo, I can see you are an expert :slight_smile:

I had a look at the Piano,on its own, instead of the full score, and notice that the tempo markings are there.

It is late so I will venture further in the morning.


System text can be “copied” to other categories of players (in the full score, for instance) using Layout options > Staves and Systems > System objects
Check the different categories where you want all system text to appear (Tempi, Rehearsal marks and so on…)

Hope it helps!