HOFA 4U Meter Causing Cubase 11 to crash


I’ve recently downloaded Cubase Elements 11. It’s running on a MacBook air. I’m having an issue where adding HOFA 4U Meter to a channel strip instantly causes Cubase to crash. I also have the HOFA project time plugin and that runs fine with no issues.

I’ve tried re-installing the plugin, restarting Cubase and the computer etc but no luck. I have previously used the plug in on a different MacBook with an older version of Cubase with no problems.

I’ve attached the Cubase.crash report in case that’s helpful.

Cubase LE AI Elements 11_2021-08-02-191947_Toms-MacBook-Air.crash (131.5 KB)

Have you come across a solution to this issue? I’d really like to get it working as I need a freeware LUFS meter and it’s pretty decent.

Tom R-S


The crash is in the:


Please, get in contact with the plug-in vendor.