hold/pause on not all staves?

Hi all,

Is there a future plan/current workaround to have a hold/pause appear on some but not all staves?

The use case here is that I currently have a piece for live performer and interactive electronics. At one particular moment in the piece, I want the performer to “pause for x seconds”, but while that’s happening, the electronics do not pause at all - it’s playing notes and chords and textures that i want to notate as a “guide” for what to listen for towards the end of the “x seconds” pause (but with some freedom as the electronic chords/textures are not precise but controlled randomness).

In the current version, fermatas appear on all staves and can’t be hidden, shrunk etc. without affecting every fermata. What I’ve done as a workaround (I saw it on the forum somewhere) is to drag the undesired fermata in Engrave mode so it is off the page. Then you can print safely.

ah yeah, i guess i could do that. inelegant, but it works.