Holding Pattern

An obvious hat tip to the Beatles - circa 1966, Revolver and beyond. I drew technica inspiration from engineer Geoff Emerick, with doubled vocals and backwards guitars. We wondered if the ‘Back in the USSR’ style airplane woosh was too much? The sitar comes from Garage Band - imported and chopped up. The bass, (me) has Taxman written all over it.I used some drum replacement with Drummagog.

Enjoy… http://www.sleepless.com.au/holdingpattern/Holding%20Pattern.mp3

this is a good song, like you say a bit beatles esq ,i like the trippy style . mix is maybe a little busy at times but still has pleasing tones ,the tremelo guitar, the stutter seems a bit out of time at the end of the song but seems ok earlier on , nice one ,i like it.

A nod to the sixties, like it!! :slight_smile: vox seemed a little high in the mix to me though, and a little dry,…but good stuff :slight_smile: