Holiday Moon Gels!

Can’t wait to see the look on the drummer’s face when he sits behind the kit tomorrow!

Lol! $1.50 at the dollar store! Get them while you can.

I’ll probably not use this one though, but it brings up that ability to add a bit of mass to the resonant head on the kick thus lowering the fundamental. I may just do an a-b to see.

Here is an A-B. Makes a huge difference.

You geek. :stuck_out_tongue:

oh, I totally am!

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t call that a huge difference, but it actually sounds better :slight_smile:
Or is that just wishful thinking.

Did you listen on full-range speakers?

Night and day on my focals.

For sure I can hear a diff.

There is a kik in the HalionSonic SE2 drum set called:
‘Power Standard Kit’.

If you:
1-trigger the ‘B’ note kik with medium velocity (approx 100).
2-tune it down -90 cents
3-increase the ‘bass’ eq a lil and suck out the ‘lo-mid’ a bit.

it to my ears it comes kinda close to your example.

Thanks for sharing.

lol i love these! daft yeah but fun :smiley:

moon gel is fantastic stuff too! so much better than bog roll and gaffa tape…

That’s awesome. I don’t know if I have that patch, but I’m going to look it up. I’m on 6.5.

Gaffers, duct, magic, whatever was around. Sometimes I would take roll gauze and tape it on top or take the head off and clip the corner with some thin fabric like you would use a felt strip on a kick.

The real interesting thing for me here is this kit, Tama star classic 5 piece shell pack, is the kick is only 18". I was hesitant to buy it for the house kit because of the kick diameter, but after recording it for, gosh, it must be 6 or 8 years by now, it is such a malleable drum when you have a small selection of heads for it. Today’s session is a modern rockish original band. A lot of drummers freak when they see the size of the kick, then they play it.

lol yeah i used to try pretty much anything when i was playing drums… those fluffy yellow dusters draped over a snare was, and still is actually, the quickest way i’ve found to get that classic disco/70’s funk snare… can cause a lot of probs if the drummer ghosts a lot though.
I also love small diameter bass drums… they’re just so much punchier, ok they don’t look as impressive if that’s your kind of thing though… when i moved over to bass guitar after a nasty accident basically wrecked my right elbow, i always preferred playing with drummers who used a smaller BD as they cut through with much less messing about… it was always nice to feel that kick in the kidneys from them too :smiley:
Back in the 80’s i remember spending hours making a pad out of two bits of remo weather king coated batter, sandwiching a 50p piece between them and using a wooden beater on the BD, then also triggering a 60hz or so sine wave with a very fast gate over it to get a colossal sound, not very subtle but that was the 80s for you lol

Looks good enough to eat :slight_smile:

Yes! Hey, Split, good to see you around. I’ve missed your presence here. Hope all is well with you and your studio. I saw that you turned away from it for a bit. I did too, but over the past few months have gotten back in the saddle and have been having a lot of fun.

All the best!

Yeah, all’s good thanks Tom. Still have the studio but work full time 4 days a week outside that. Put the controls to my younger producer who, it must be said, is doing a sterling job. Still plenty to do though with various music projects…