Hollow percussion note heads and "stopped" articulation

Is it possible to change note heads in a percussion instrument (congas, in this case) to be hollow (not a half-note, just a hollow note head)? I use this to represent the “palm” movement on conga drums; I could use the hollow-with-dot note head but was hoping to keep parity with the notations I’ve already written out, previously.

Please see the first note of the example; thank you in advance.

  1. Go to Engrave > Notehead Sets…
  2. Add a new notehead set and call it Hollow Noteheads.
  3. Add the desired notehead to the set (e.g. noteheadHalf) and remove noteheadBlack from it. (Optional: If you want a design that’s not available in the list, click New Notehead and then Edit Notehead…)

If you want to simply override the noteheads visually, then now you just need to right-click on the note and select Notehead > Hollow Noteheads. But if you want to connect this notehead to a playing technique so that it can be played back properly, then do this instead:

  1. Go to Setup > Tumbadoras > Edit Percussion Kit…
  2. On each conga, click Edit Percussion Playing Techniques…
  3. Click Add Playing Technique and select the desired playing technique (Slap (congas) or Bass tone? I don’t play congas…)
  4. Assign the playing technique to the Hollow Noteheads set.

Then you can select the note and press Shift+Alt+Up arrow to cycle between all of the playing techniques.

Thanks Jester! This was exactly what I needed to do to get things written out.