Hollow triangle notehead for percussion instrument

How do I create a hollow triangle notehead for a percussion instrument (cowbell)?

Basically I’d like to have the hollow notehead represent the player hitting the “mouth” of the bell and the closed, standard, notehead representing the “shoulder” of the bell. Both noteheads may be used for quarter (crotchet) or shorter length.

Thanks in advance!

Screen Shot 2022-06-23 at 3.04.45 PM

You should be able to design your own notehead set that uses an unfilled triangle for notes of a quarter or shorter in Library > Notehead Sets. Here is the information on using the Edit Notehead Sets dialog:

Once you’ve designed your own notehead set, use the Edit Percussion Playing Techniques dialog to assign your new notehead set to the appropriate playing technique:

Thank you. I’ve got the noteheads configured but am still having trouble with using both of them:


Percussion technique
How do I differentiate where each notehead should be used here?

Notehead in the score
However, in the part I now only see the open notehead, even when trying to cycle through different noteheads for the note:


The following should be a closed notehead

You need to define a whole new notehead set based on the existing Triangle Up Noteheads set and remove the filled triangle notehead from the set, then set the unfilled triangle notehead to be the default for all notes of a half in duration and shorter. Then set that notehead set for the percussion playing technique that should use the unfilled notehead, and use the original Triangle Up Noteheads set for the one that requires the filled notehead.

Thank you very much!