Hollywood Bowl: marketing opportunity?

I’ve played at the Bowl a bunch of times. It’s actually really fun to play a jazz festival there because it’s probably about the only venue in the world where things run on time to the second. When you are on stage there’s a big digital clock at the front of the rotating stage, and as your allotted time ticks down in the last few seconds, the stage revolves and the next band (which has already set up on the reverse side) rotates on while already playing!

Cool venue, but does anyone actually buy boxed software anymore? Or did you mean read the manual online? I can’t imagine many people wanting to buy a physical copy there when it usually seems like they just want to hang out, drink, and chill. The Bowl is a Steinway venue too, right? There could easily be some sort of exclusive non-compete clause that would prevent Yamaha (Steinberg parent company) from doing anything there.

The days of boxed software and printed manuals are long gone … :neutral_face: .