Holy 36" bass drum!

Been working on a project, and as usual I “hear things”, lol. So on a couple of songs, I have been hearing a bass drum for some serious low end and hear it being played with harder mallets in a beat fashion using a palm to mute and create a thumpy back beat and behold I found one for sale! Picking it up in a few hours! Called the artist and told him about it and he started freaking out! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!

edit: It is a 36" not 32"

Shouldn’t that be, “Holy 32 inch bass drum, Batman”?

LoL … “Batman” is in my browser’s dictionary. I told him to get out. :laughing:

Indeed! Just got it back to the joint. My god, when I saw the thing in person I was thinking “What the heck am I getting myself into!” It is a 1976 Ludwig. Going to record it after I do a once-over on it. Upon first listen, I am definately going to need some felt strips.

Here is a picture to see how massive this thing is. Look at the drum stool.

Ha! The woyld weckord drum!

You should see the wind up monkey they made it for! :laughing:

His name is officer Guybrush.

GW Bush more like.

Looks like you got yourself a concert bass drum there Tom.

Currtent cost: http://www.interstatemusic.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10021&storeId=10051&productId=900140559&langId=-1

Beaters: http://www.steveweissmusic.com/product/1128311/concert-bass-drum-mallets

I recommend the Double Ended Mallets so you can do one handed drum rolls, also think about getting a concert stand for that monster, it will put in proper playing position.

Funny my son just went the opposite direction and bought a Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz set which has an 18" kick.


Nice little tom you’ve got there, Tom! :stuck_out_tongue:

Post us a sound byte! :mrgreen:

There’s a Natural Mystic flowing through the air …

It’s smelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllls baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad :slight_smile:

If they sound anything like the Manu Katché from yamaha, he’s in for a real treat. They record really well, so you’ll be in for a treat too. :slight_smile:

Thanks for those links, John. Those mallets are really expensive… :confused: I just got back with a bunch of felt and dowel rods to make my own. I tried playing it with smaller mallets and its too “poppy” sounding. A quick mock up with 6" diameter, wrapping felt around the dowel rod and I am getting closer to the sound I am after. Now i have to add a few felt strips to the inside to get a faster decay. I don’t want to have to gate it after it is recorded.

On 1st recording using an Electrovoice N/D868 through a TMP-8 preamp, this sucker is reaching 20Hz at the roll-off!!! It has to go even lower than that because I can feel the floor under my feet shaking!

Will post samples once I have the sound I am after. When I first got it in and set up a mic, I thought I was a fool for spending the bucks on it, but since I mocked up the felt beater, I am thinking this thing is going to work exactly as I was hearing it in my head.

More to come… :slight_smile:

If you need to use that with a kit then McCartneys drummer, Abe Laboriel has a novel way round positioning for a right handed player.
He uses a LEFT (footed) double bass pedal and plays the “satellite” footboard so he can then get his front rack tom at a playable height and relative to the rest of the kit.
With that size though the left side cymbals may have to be left out although I reckon you could get away with a slightly awkward hihat.

Do you keep the drum key in a suitcase? In the old days that would probably use a “three pig” drumskin.

Yeah, I thought the Mallet cost might be motivational. As you know, I’m up for innovation and DIY’s. Good luck with your mallet and look forward to hearing your tracks.

I guess my previous post may have been too cryptic to be understood !
Let me try again ;

Dig out that old vinyl 12 inch Exodus album by Bob Marley .
The first track ( Natural Mystic ) has a slow fade in so turn the volume up and turn the bass up while you’re at it , just like everyone did when hearing it for the first time back in the 70s .
Unmistakeable concert bass drum boom …

Ya got me!

Many more will have to suffer
Many more will have to die
Don’t ask me why

You might have to trade in that blue stripe for red and green. RASTAMAN CHANT!!!

Fly away home to Zion :sunglasses: