HOLY CRAP !!!!!!!!!


That’s pretty cool, latency is rediculous so you can’t really play anything.
Cool effort though, runs smoothly and it sounds decent, although you don’t seem to have too many options for sounds.

oh dear , that’s it bang goes recording as we know it :astonished: :astonished: no need to own a hardcopy of anything any more ,just a web browser and some sort of of touch screen tablet .
Im selling everything I own ,buy a camper van ,travel the world with my mobile web based studio , record at the top of mount Everest , sing my way through the jungles of peru , make love to every mountain goat on Kilimanjaro and you can all hear it instantly with your web browser studio logged on to my page !!! HOLY FUCKING CRAP !!!


But you are right.

Just imagine this tech in 2-3 years.

With broadband/wireless communications becoming
much faster and more reliable in the coming years,
much more computer work (not just DAWs) will be done

Now add in ‘3D printing’ and $99.00 ‘Genome Mapping’ etc and
we might be on the verge of a ‘Brave New World’

Now where did I put that Soma?

As a part of the continuing evolution of the musical art into fast food, I knew this sort of thing was coming. The talentless rockstar wannabes will all take over. The writing is on the walls. :exclamation:

I think Bane, you have just summed it up for me. So many years wasted actually playing instruments? The future holds some wild stuff…

I heard today they may have discovered how to turn off the chromosome that triggers Downs Syndrome, I always thought I was born 50 years too early and 50 years too late. In those worlds, I’d be out riding my 1950 Indian or watching G-String with those goats and his virtual studio in the year 2060 :astonished:

I don’t care about any of that stuff.

I make music because I have fun playing my guitar and turning knobs and tweaking sounds both on real gear, and GUIs. Who cares what anyone else is doing, unless that someone else is making music with you, or making music you love?

“Talentless rockstar wannabes” won’t take over the world any more than those who did paint-by-number oil paintings took over the art world. :laughing:

I say we spend more time appreciating and creating and less time worrying about what others are doing. Just a perspective. :bulb:


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I’m with 1magineer, enjoy what you have and take pride in the fact that you are not the guy who will never know what it’s like to be able to play an instrument.

Amen, brother. It’s hard enough trying to create music that lives up to your ambitions AT ALL. It’s incredibly hard, actually. I don’t have time or feel that it’s in any way productive to sit around and decide who has talent and who doesn’t, or what technique of music making is better than another. There are so many artists out there who can do things with music that I will NEVER be able to do. Many of them are in this very thread. I admire that more than I can express. Many of the musicians I admire don’t play an instrument or sing.

This is why I dislike music writing “contests”. We have enough people in the world who want to compare “good versus bad” and criticize as it is–all a competition does is bring out the worst in what music making is all about. Believe me, there is no more brutal critic of my own music than me.

I’m just trying to make decent music that people might actually want to listen to. To do anything but encourage those who want to do likewise, no matter what technique or tools they choose to use, seems to miss the point of this endeavor entirely. But hey–maybe I’m wrong. :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Looking on the positive side, it will appeal to a certain kind of person, and they in turn will gravitate toward such solutions, and (now comes the positive part) they will leave Cubase behind leaving us in peace, and Steinberg can get on with the serious issues … and happiness will reign once more … :unamused:

exactly :wink:

OP, thanks for posting this. I find this pretty fascinating as a consideration as to how music production will go in the future. As Im moving now I,m packing up or selling off 14 hardware synths acquired over the years. Some things I put up for sale get snapped up by young people (everyones younger than me) some who are at the point of jumping on classic names (vintage Korg anything) rather researching specific synths. The lore associated with hardware continues to exceed anything virtual that I’ve ever heard of. Point is , IMO, the so called improvement in breoadband may be coming, and using virtual opened source will get easier but not for 7 - 10 years I think and this will just drive the market for hardware.

As people get into music they will just want to get better . The broadband improvement is more myth than reality to me. I live in the tech capital of the world and I’ve only seem marginal increases (for practical prices) over the last 5 years. What has improved is the market and advertising lies about broadband speeds,these are great. Eventually when speeds are fast and there are dedicated music tablets. bands will be able to load up some virtual synths and even do gigs. A segment of the audience for music will accept them. But I think at any time soon to come a band featuring 4 or 5 people with tablets will be blown anyway by a band featuring people actually playing ;wailing on drums ,guitars and horns. People want to see this.

Your welcome :wink:
As i see this im thinking this could go two ways , kill off home and studio based recording and everything could become webbed based with everyone in the system being able to work on one project or it’s going to open the door to people that have never even heard of a compressor ,limiter ,gate …and intrigue them in to learning about the processes needed for production in a digital format and eventually they get so pissed off with not having REAL knobs and dials that they start buying the latest hardware . Im hoping it’s the later of course but at least this sort of thing is going to keep the touch screen “I” this and that brigade happy and out on my frigging hair :smiley: :smiley:

john (ex filterfreak )

I think it will be the latter. After awhile who would want to be involved in multi composer projects if you have to share royalties between say 10 people. I’m just starting to get payouts from ASCAP and I couldn’t imagine splitting my quarterly distribution . I think the "open the door"scenario is far more likely
We’re about 5 years into GarageBand and 15 years into Acid. I’d be interested to know who is making money solely using a loop only app or who stuck with those apps and never expanded beyond while continuing to make music

Hey… you… get outta my cloud! :open_mouth: :unamused: :laughing:

(think Rolling Stones melody)

Good one!

Aloha guys,

This is a great thread (and as Mr. M posted: tanx to the OP) with some
very nice thoughts posted about this. Right on guys!

I have always seen the music business as two camps.
I was always the guy onstage counting empty seats. :slight_smile:

2-Business (that’s why it is called: the Music Business)

Some very eloquent and heartfelt thoughts being posted here
from the artist POV of which I totally agree.

However many Cubase users don’t ‘mine the gold’.
We just sell the picks and shovels.

So on the business side;
to maintain and to move forward, businesses typically
have to keep an ‘eye on the ball’.

This web-site DAW thang is new tech for sure but if the trend starts to move
in this direction, many studios, DAW sellers, etc may be affected
‘big time’.

I’ll bet ‘hard tack to navy beans’ that Cubase/ProTools/etc manufacturers
will be closely watching any future developments in this area.

And so will I (and I am hoping my clients are NOT watching).

Just to test this web-site DAW,
I did a simple I-VI-IV-V progression tune
with melody/bass/perc/pads and it worked.

I could not get MIDI going so I just entered the parts by hand.
Remember this was just a test project.

Might this be useful as a simple on-line sketch pad?
With this app, there would be little need for apps like Sequel/GarageBand etc.

who knows for how long this/these site(s) will remain?

Riddle me this:
If this was a Steinberg site (with latency issues solved)
with access to all their products and available as a paid subscription,
(ala the new Adobe CS Suite) would you use it?

Good points Curteye. Anyone remember when Steinberg (edit: I think this was Creator-the program that became Logic)
decided to use Alexander Music for their updates in the US? I recall (correct me if I’m wrong of course) but Alexander immediately tried to make Cubase a subscription app that you didn’t update you paid monthly to use (as I recall). People went nuts and this was dropped right away. Point is I just don’t believe that real serious users are going to want to use online only apps and pay for a subscription to do so. Maybe I’m way off

I wouldnt use Cubase as a paid subscription . Only as a licensed program that I will have for years

This reminds me of what Adobe is doing, all their Creative Suite products are now subscriptions in the cloud, I just cannot get into that. Bye bye Adobe.


Its just too expensive for casual use. And I really don’t trust cloud security.

I just read an article about in-app purchasing and how people and kids are unwittingly “tricked” into spending thousands on virtual “crystals” and “berries” - expensive nothings. It got me thinking if something similar might be going down with these new online apps! Sure you can have bounce in place - for a few “golden notes” :smiling_imp: .