Homage to "Afro-Soul"

So… another track for the production library. This one was requested to sound like the music from the “Blaxploitation” films of the late 70’s. I give you… Soul Power! :laughing:


Can anyone guess the artist of inspiration?

Love it! You pretty much nailed it.

As far as the “inspiration” for it goes, we can see you mentioned Curtis Mayfield on the soundlcoud page (it also sounds like a typical Isaac Hayes, Roy Ayers, or Bobby Womack track, too)

Well, it does as advertised! Well made.

I was going to complain that it was too short but then I saw that it says “work in progress”. I like it alot!
I can’t wait to see where it goes.


Here is an updated version. They wanted an extended funky version for a chase scene. Here it is.

Great stuff :sunglasses:

Nice work there cool cat.

Good song ;this captures the feel. I don’t think the congas (or bongos) work as the part is too busy and mixed too far forward. Especially leading the song off in the second version. I think the congas might sound good laying out until the first break.

I listened a second time. I would have the guitar and drums start (maybe with the organ thrown in so it doesn’t sound too much like something else),then flute and then conga come in at the break.

Overall the song is really good;my ideas or not

Very nice Joe.

Hi Joe,

I like this, sounds great!
I can hear Isaac Hayes en Curtis Mayfield in it. :sunglasses:

I love the horns and Woody did a great job on the drums! :sunglasses:


Hey guys… Thanks for all the love! :smiley:

A lot of the arrangement was dictated by the scene and dialog. Some of the things were requests by the director. Personally there are a few changes I’d like to make but it-is-what-it-is. Wah dah tah!

@Wim - Especially appreciate the horn comment. This was my first arrangement for real players. I’ve played in a few big bands and have done lots of listening but wasn’t too confident with my horn writing. Wish I had a Bari or Bone in the budget.

I don’t have a bari, but if i did I would’ve loved to play a bari part for you! :sunglasses:

The bongos were the element they liked. In fact they sent the version you heard back and asked for a section to “have more energy.” (facepalm… :unamused: ) At their suggestion we put a bongo solo in. It’s crazy loud b/c he played it with sticks. Again… not my choice but it works on some level. If they like it… We’ll try to accommodate. (link now has updated version with solo)

I’m with you though… it is pretty forward in spots. I should probably automate more of these to shape the dynamics a little better. I think I over saturated the mix too… WTH… You gotta stop somewhere. I could try all month and it wouldn’t ever sound exactly like something off SuperFly or Super Bad.

nice work again joe ,when i started listening to this updated piece for the chase scene ,at first i couldn`t imagine anyone being chased ,the music seemed too laid back ,but when the bongos started doing the fast rolls i could imagine Usain Bolt ripping across the screen being chased by the roadrunner. good stuff :sunglasses:

Great stuff, very authentic…but man those bongos are loud.
Still," the client is always right". :confused:

That’s great! I’ve heard it a million times but this is the hardest thing to do.
“More bongos? (WTF) OK.”