home made woofer problem

Hi…Looked all over the net for an answer to this but got nowhere and thought maybe someone here might know the answer…I have a pair of Genelec 8020A’s and of course the bass aint good enough because they are so small, the Genelec woofer thingy is an eye watering price so I’m looking at making a bass bin myself…the question is will my Genelecs run/power a passive 10 inch speaker from the xlr sockets or does it have to be an active bass bin? if it has to be active how do i make it so? is there a special amp available for this purpose…suppose there must be, not a techie so struggling with this, any enlightenment would be great…thanks, Kevin


It can be a passive bin powered by an external amp fed from active x-over, or depending on the design of the woofer you might get by without x-over.

Ok think I’ll give up cause you’ve just lost me…thought I could buy an empty bass bin, put a speaker in it and connect up but clearly there is a lot more to it…damn!!! :frowning: thanks anyway…Kevin

Which one are looking at? There’s a whole range, from the 5040B (not expensive) to ones more than 10x the price.

Around 400 quid is expensive in my book…just found a pair of Tapco S5’s with a matching SW10 sub woofer…reckon I’m gonna go for them at 270 quid…then sell the Genelec 8020a’s and get some of the money back, the review in Sound on Sound puts the Genelecs and the Tapco’s around the same place…Kevin

That sounds like a bargain. Let us know how they sound once you’ve got 'em.

You might also look at Adams. :wink:

I didn’t give up mate, I just realized it was easier and quicker to buy a set of speakers with a matching woofer thingy…If I built one it would probably turn the fridge off whenever i switched it on…you know it makes sense…Kevin

couldn’t see any when I was looking to buy on e bay, but thanks for the input…I’m always doing things in a hurry…life’s too short yuknow…Kevin

Yeah, gave up trying to make one, as Clint Eastwood said…“a man’s got to know his limitations” thank fook I know mine cause I’d have screwed me whole monitoring thing !!!..best to you mate…Kevin

Well, got the Tapco S5’s with the SW 10 sub bass and gotta say they sound way better than the Genelec 8020A’s that I’ve got…but that’s just me…would probably sound crap to other muso’s but for the money I reckon it’s a step up…Kevin